Spark Prescription Program

Help patients save up to 80% off their prescriptions and health products.

Offer Your Patients

Savings on their Health

Price disparity in prescription medication is huge. Help your patients shop for the best prices on their medications with a one stop health and prescription e-commerce site.

The site is easy to navigate allowing patients to search for prescription discounts and health products. Vouchers are accepted at over 62,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Increasingly, insurers are placing more pressure on patients to take responsibility for the financial burden of their medications. Using a prescription discount card empowers patients to pay significantly less for their medications, often being less than what their potential co-pay would be.


Choose us?

Our prescription program offers patients more than just savings. The platform is no cost to sign up and offers health and medical purchasing in one place, helping track purchases and providing prescription reminders. Patients also receive rewards for signing up and for each product they use their health and prescription card with as well as referring friends.