Medical Billing & Revenue Recovery

Maximize your revenue cycle management with superior billing practices and revenue recovery

Why ?

In any business, cash flow matters and any interruptions to cash flow can have a significant impact on the business.

Many practices suffer with inefficient billing practices due to denials, ineffective coding and stretched resources.

Up to 80% of all medical billing contains errors. 50% or more of billings are never recovered.

Outsourcing your billing means that you access billing expertise in coding, insurance providers and the benefits of increased and improved cash flow. Handing your billing over to an expert means that you can better focus on what you do best – being a physician.

Our solution provides a complete turn key solution that includes as many facets of revenue management as your practice needs.

What ?

A complete turn key operation to manage all aspects of your business from billing to accounting and administration. You choose what you need to support the challenging areas of your business and billing management.

We provide a complete and comprehensive billing solution that includes monthly assessment of KPIs, coding expertise, customized reports, monthly follow up on no response claims, daily billing and charging, denials, appeals and resubmissions.


+ A complete and professional billing model powered by technology and industry experts in billing and revenue cycle management. Your billing can be done via remote access using your existing software or migrated to a cloud-based system that can be shared between the medical practice and billing company.

+ After a complete practice assessment at no charge to the practice, transition to the new billing system can be performed seamlessly and immediately if desired.

Practice Benefits

Efficient billing practices and practice accounting means no money is left on the table and improved revenue recovery.

Patient Benefits

Better care as physician is better able to focus on health care than finances.

Next Steps

+ Schedule an Introductory Call

+ Complete a Practice Analysis

+ Comprehensive report compiled free of charge

+ Review call to discuss analysis findings.

+ Determine a solution fit and begin practice on boarding.

To find out more on how you can improve the business efficiencies of your practice contact us below.