Regenerative medicine is increasing in interest among patients and doctors alike. Science continues to unlock the powerful healing processes of the body and is bringing innovative therapies accessible at a primary care level to physicians of various practice types.

Physicians, burdened with diminishing reimbursements and the delay of insurance payments, are seeking alternate practice models that safeguard them from claw back and lack of price control. Regenerative medicine is giving physicians a new look into what is possible not only for their practice, but for their patients.

Therapies are increasingly being sought after by patients seeking alternates to surgery and can provide significant cash-based revenue to a practice.

When coupled with patient finance and practice marketing, this solution can attract a new high value patient to your practice and grow significant revenue while positioning your practice as innovative.

These therapies are providing new hope for patients and can potentially alter the course of a patient’s life by harnessing the healing power of their own body. Life changing treatments for chronic and slow healing wounds could safeguard a patient from potential amputation or provide a speedy recovery to an injured athlete. Nebulizers are giving a new option for those with COPD.

Regenerative medicine can also be applied with success to aesthetic procedures such as in hair regrowth and facial procedures.

Solutions are suited to orthopedics, aesthetics, surgical, primary care, wound clinics, pulmonology, ENT and more.

Practice Benefits:

Positions practice as cutting edge
Empower patients with more treatment options
Accelerated healing for the patient
Addition of cash-based services to grow revenue
Generate $2,500 to $4,000 per procedure
Provide patient finance to your patients to give them affordable options
Can be used as an adjunct to other procedures
Provide a new specialty to attract new patients

How Does It Work?

Different forms of Amnion are available for use. The most versatile is the Amnion Fluid

Amnion Fluid

Amnion Fluid is a sterile, ambient temperature liquid
allograft that can be used internal or external to the body. The allograft is derived from donated placenta and is rich in growth factors, cytokines and proteins that accelerate repair. All allografts are screened for Hep C, HIV and other infectious diseases.The amnion can be applied in its fluid form in aesthetics, to trauma injuries, surgical incisions and for use within the body such as in joints and tears.

Amnion Membrane

Amnion Membrane – can be used for slow to heal and chronic wounds to accelerate the healing process. Remarkable results have been achieved in closing non-healing wounds within weeks. This can mean patients who were at risk of amputation due to their wounds, can now be healed.

Amnion Nebulizer

Amnion Nebulizer – the amnion can be used in chronic degenerative respiratory diseases such as COPD. A single dose of amnion can produce remarkable results in patients, reducing their reliance on bronchodilators and improving their quality of life. In nebulizer form, the amnion also provides general health and wellbeing via systemic absorption into the body.

Allograft Wound Kit

The Allograft Wound Kit form, provides the physician with a debridement tool, amnion fluid, a membrane patch and a dressing, providing a complete solution to wound healing. In slow and non-healing wounds, an insurance reimbursement is available for allograft treatment.

Decide what solutions could benefit your practice.

No need to hold stock – order as needed.

Decide on your pricing.

Identify suitable patients and share the treatment options.

Market and attract new patients and revenue.

Regenerative medicine positions your practice at the cutting edge of treatment alternates, offering potentially life altering solutions for patients and aesthetic treatments. Recharge your interest in medicine with the results this treatment delivers.

Consider adding Patient Finance or Practice Marketing to this solution to accelerate your practice growth and affordability for patients.