RAccelerated by the Affordable Care Act, high-deductible health plans have emerged as a major trend in healthcare. Placing more financial responsibility on patients for medical services has a direct impact on physician practices. Operating successfully within this framework requires greater awareness of differences among insurance policies and discussions of treatment options that are sensitive to patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.

“Doctors need to understand the landscape has changed. A doctor’s primary concern used to be whether a patient had insurance. Now, it’s the type of insurance,” says Devon M. Herrick, PhD, a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, a nonprofit organization that promotes private alternatives to government regulation.

“Patients are more cost-conscious now. That means patients will question their physicians about costs for procedures,” he adds. “Patients will also ask uncomfortable questions like: ‘Doctor, do I really need that MRI?’ ‘What’s that going to cost?’ ‘Can that test wait?’”

And now you can offer your patients a way to afford those high healthcare costs. Help those that need a procedure that they might want to wait on because they haven’t hit their high deductible. By offering them financing to cover the costs will give them another option to pay without having to empty their checking or savings accounts or skip other monthly bills.

Patient Financing companies have helped millions of patients get the care they want and need. Patient Financing offers a range of special financing options with instant credit decisions, so patients can get care now – without delay. Plus, you can help patients manage out-of-pocket expenses for ongoing or additional care with convenient monthly payments.

Often it’s not the total cost of recommended treatment that causes patients to delay or decline care – It is fitting payments into their monthly budget. That’s why more than 175,000 healthcare providers offer and more than 20 million patients have used Patient Financing to get the care they need and want.

Patient Financing can be used in your practice for your patient’s out-of-pocket healthcare expense. This solution picks up where insurance leaves off. Your patients can use it for co-payments and deductibles. This also makes it easy for patients to use it for their treatment and procedures.

Plus, with offering financing to your patients you have access to great ideas and practical tools from your colleagues and consultants that will help you attract more new patients, increase access to care and help you reach your practice goals.

To learn more how you can get started today with offering Patient Financing to your patients contact us at Ancillary Medical Solutions (AMS). At AMS we work with two different patient financing solution companies that can be tailored to fit your practice and patient needs. Schedule a meeting with your local AMS Certified Ancillary Consultant and he/she will walk you through how this can help increase your practice revenue.