Blog 08192015 Urodynamics Can Increase Profits (1)

Urodynamics, usually referring to the study of the lower urinary tract, is a set of tests usually left to Urologists. Our ancillary solution allows you to provide this service directly to your patients,Urodynamics in your own practice. Our urodynamics solution, along with our male-specific UroCuff testing, is the only solution that brings the staffing and equipment to you so that you do not have to worry about anything like up-front cost, extra work, and expensive equipment purchases.

This solution will only become more prevalent because of the rise in the number of our geriatric population and the trend of having children at a more advanced maternal age than in the past. By 2020, the urodynamics market is expected to reach $216.3 globally and is driven, primarily, because people are living longer and their lower urinary tract’s muscular and neuromuscular structures are influenced by age, leading to increased levels of incontinence.

Our team works with you and your patients from the beginning to identify patients, set up a day where everyone is scheduled, with minimal, if any, extra work for your staff. We arrive on-site with all staff and equipment, and we perform all testing. All test results are analyzed by our in-house Urologist who determines diagnosis and provides results and suggested treatment plans to your practice so that you can consult with your patients and treat them. This means that you not only receive reimbursement for the actual testing, but you earn revenue from the consultation as well as subsequent treatments.

The best part is that there is no up-front cost to you and payment for testing is usually required anywhere from 30-45 days, depending on the terms we set up with you. Therefore, you usually receive reimbursement before we ask you to pay for the scheduled testing day. Our goal is to provide your practice with a service that allows you to keep your patients under your care, providing them testing that you normally are not able to perform, which allows you to increase your level of patient care and, subsequently, help to improve your revenue stream.

As with most ancillary services, our Urodynamics and UroCuff solution are aimed at increasing the offerings your clinic makes available while increasing your bottom-line.


We focus on providing ancillary services that increase patient care, therefore promoting your relationship with your patients and helping retain those same patients within your practice. To many in healthcare, keeping your patients happy through increased service and improving their health and lifestyle is secondary, though important, to increasing your revenue stream.

Here, at AMS, we focus on our relationship with our partners and clients. We not only want you to succeed, we want you to thrive. We know how hard it is becoming to keep your practice private and so we have focused on providing services in each area that are top notch, providing great options for your patients and helping you grow as a provider and business.

If you have any questions or need any information regarding Urodynamics or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Thank you!