How services like Pharmacogenetics are making patients more loyal

Truly tailored medicine is the way of the future. With advances in technology and gene mapping,services science is advancing with each passing month and year. Thanks to those advances, genetic testing is now available to help tailor medication usage in patients and reduce the likelihood of adverse events.

For many years, medications were dispensed to patients with a trial and error effect. Fortunately, many adverse events could be managed once it was determined and the medication withdrawn.

With advances now, genetic testing can enable a doctor to determine how a patient will process various medicines before they are even given to the patient. This could mean complete avoidance of certain drugs or tailoring of the dose depending on whether a patient is a fast or slow metaboliser.

The good news for the patient is that they reduce the risk of enduring adverse events associated with how they process different medications and medication interactions. If a doctor proactively screens the patient for their pharmacogenetics, any new drug can be commenced immediately without the need to wait for DNA tests to come back. As this typically takes 3 to 4 weeks, this is beneficial to the patient.

At Ancillary Medical Solutions, we continually seek revenue producing opportunities for physicians. Pharmacogenetics has not been widely adopted by physicians due to the lack of reimbursement to the physican. AMS, has partnered with Medkinect to provide a platform for Pharmacogenetic testing that enables the physician to derive revenue.

Utilising a Non Dispensing Pharmacy License, the doctor is able to predetermine eligibility for the pharmacogenetic kit off the patient’s Pharmacy Benefit. If the Benefit is approved, the doctor can provide the kit to the patient with a typical profit of $200 or more.

To get set up, our vendor handles all the paperwork in a step by step process to credential the office with a Non Dispensing License. This process can take 4 to 8 weeks depending on how quickly the office returns the stages of paperwork. The cost of the licensing process and associated fees is $550. Once set up, the office can quickly recoup their expenditure with 2 or 3 kits.

In addition to this, Procedural Injection Kits can also be added to this platform. These kits provide the physician all they need to perform a joint or trigger injection except the needle and syringe. Again these kits typically see a profit of $200 or more per kit and eligibility can be determined prior to use on the patient.

The benefit to the patient is that with the single use packaged kit, the risk for contamination from multi use vials or needles is eliminated. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of these kits for patient safetyPharmacogenetics.

The benefits are accepted through all major insurances as well as Workman’s Compensation and Auto Accidents. There is no need to hold large amounts of inventory as the software allows for stock management and kits can be shipped out according to the urgency required.

Ancillary Medical Solutions is excited to offer this innovative solution that expands a practice offer without the need for extra time, staffing and requires minimal training. For more information on this or other solutions, click on one of the links below.