How services like Allergy are making patients more loyal

Allergy services have typically been challenging for an office to The high drop out rate of patients due to the requirement for in office injections led to only a small number of patients ever completing their allergy treatment regime.

With the ability to provide patient training to self administer immunotherapy at home, the tables have now turned. Patients enjoy the convenience of being able to self administer their therapy once they have been adequately trained in office. The training can also be provided to a carer if the patient is unwilling to self administer.

Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Allergy Partners to provide a state of the art home based immunotherapy treatment.

Allergies are considered to be the 5th most common chronic condition affecting 60 million Americans. The good news with home based immunotherapy, is a higher number of patients finish their treatment and have their condition alleviated within a 16 to 18 month period. This means happier patients as they can finally breathe and no longer require daily antihistamines which often fall short of a 24 hour effect.

Patients are initially screened for their propensity for allergies to determine if testing is recommended. The testing is then done with a large range of antigens by an allergy technician provided to the office. Once the allergens are determined, the allergy technician mixes the antigens specific for each patient.

The patient is given their first doses in office to test for reactions and the patient is then trained to self administer at home. As the dose is incrementally stepped up, the patient returns to the office for each dose increase. Typically patients have relief within the first 4 months of treatment with resolution occurring over a 16 to 18 month period.

Patients are overjoyed when they are rid of their often debilitating allergies. At the peak of the allergy season, patients may avoid going out, suffer with sleep problems, additional infections and feelings of lethargy. Having their allergies cleared is life changing. Patients will love you and your office and will be telling their friends about the relief they get, sending patients to you.

Ancillary Medical Solutions works closely with an office to ensure implementation is as quick and painless as possible. There is no cost for this solution to start up as the vendor provides the technician and all the supplies required for the program. Patient surveys are available to help identify patients and they are then scheduled with the allergy technician for testingloyal

All the office is required to provide is a room for use and a small fridge for supplies.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact AMS on one of the links below. We will have one of our trained consultants contact you to schedule a brief webinar with our vendor once your practice is qualified. Offices best suited to the allergy program are those with a good patient base of private insurance and a room available for testing.