7 Reasons Why Chronic Care Management Helps Improve Patient Care

Chronic Care Management is proving to be a valuable addition to patient care.Chronic Care With the rise in chronic conditions due to lifestyle diseases associated with poor diet and stress, chronic care management is imperative in improving health outcomes. Patients as they age often become more interested in taking active measures to improve their health and well being. With chronic care management, the patient can receive support without the added time burden of in office staff.

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) was incepted in January 2015 through the Affordable Care Act. It was recognised that the health spend on patients with chronic health conditions is 85% of the total health care budget. The Chronic Care Management program is designed to help reduce these costs by adopting a more proactive approach to patient well being.

Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Caresync to provide a turn key approach to Chronic Care Management. Some of the benefits include:

  1. The Ancillary Medical Solutions program meets a number of operational and IT requirements. A 20 minute call is provided to the patient each month discussing their health goals and concerns, medication compliance and recent health challenges.

  2. A portal is provided to the patient giving them access to their medical record 24 hours a day. The option also exists to allow a carer to view this information which is beneficial to health outcomes and medication compliance.

  3. A portal is provided to the patients treating physicians which is accessed securely. This reduces the time spent looking for patient notes for visits to other doctors and helps streamline patient information.

  4. Patients receive medication tracking and reminders to help improve the significant issue of medication non compliance. This will largely reduce the incidence of medication misadventures and support patient understanding of why they take their tablets.

  5. Allows the physician a simple health summary prior to the office visit to save time giving the patient more value from their visit and building better relationships

  6. Allows specialists access to patient information from the referring physician reducing the need for additional or duplicate tests or rescheduling due to missing information.

  7. Patients also better understand their medical history and have a comprehensive care plan that they work toward with their Care Manager.


Physicians also reap benefits through better productivity and increased profits. The Caresync plan costs $28 per patient per month and provides the physician with a complete turnkey solution to manage every aspect of the 99490 CPT code. The average reimbursement nationally is $42 per patient per month. Every 500 patients sees an additional $20 000 plus per month in revenue. This provider program is the gold standard in Chronic Care Management. Patients have a higher level of satisfaction without any changes to your existing work flow. Once the patient agrees to enrol, our CCM provider takes care of the rest. It couldn’t get much simpler. For more information on this or other ancillary solutions contact us through one of the links below.