7 Reasons why the Annual Wellness Visit is good for Patient Care

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is a valuable tool to aid in increasing patient care and wellbeing.Annual Wellness Over 60% of patients fail to have preventive testing done that is currently available to them. The AWV is aiding patients and physicians to identify a health care plan for short and long term care that ensures patients access the preventive testing recommended to them.

The AWV has been slow to be taken on by physicians despite the attractive remuneration. This is largely due to the time involved or tools required to provide a compliant report. The AWV is good for patient care as patients appreciate the time invested in them to get a detailed history that serves to benefit their current and future health.

Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Total Recall to offer physicians the Prevention Plus Program. This program incorporates the Annual Wellness Visit, Neurocognitive screening as well as cancer and pharmacogenetic screening where indicated. A technician can be provided or assistance recruiting or training staff to manage the Prevention program is available. The program is turnkey and enables the office to handle their volume of Medicare patients efficiently and profitably

Some of the benefits to the patient include:

  1. Assorted basic screening is performed during the AWV which may be done currently but not being reimbursed. A basic cognitive screen and depression screen are given to the patient as well as details around their personal and family history and checking for falls. This enables further testing to be provided to the patient before a major incident

  2. The patient leaves the office with a short and long term health plan in their hand. Some of the suggested plans can include vaccines they are due for, recommended blood or other tests or counselling. The long term health plan will have recommendations for further testing longer term over the next 5 years including bone mass, glaucoma, mammogram or cardiovascular screening.

  3. The office is able to schedule a number of the additional services prior to the patient leaving the office to ensure that this additional testing is performed.

  4. The additional testing enables early treatment for underlying conditions and heightened awareness around risks for other conditions or complications. This enables the patient to stay healthy and avoid or delay the onset of disease and assist in leading more productive lives.

  5. There is no cost to the patient.

  6. The patients medications are reviewed to ensure understanding around what they are taking, when and why.

  7. The patient is able to discuss potential referrals and other issues and also safety recommendations to minimise future harm or disability.                                                               Wellness

The Annual Wellness Visit is becoming an essential element to care of seniors. The AWV provides a central key to allow complete coverage of all health risks and concerns. The patient receives information on key aspects of health such as Blood Pressure, BMI, Blood sugar and exercise all aimed at increasing patient awareness and self management.

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