Independent Reviews of the Annual Wellness Visit for Physicians

Ancillary Medical Solutions continues to find patient centric solutions for physicians in private practice that will enhance practice revenues and sustain viability of the business for the long term.Visit for Physicians Many add on services can be targeted to bring in more cash pay solutions but what about the practices that have a heavy reliance on Medicare patients?

The good news is the Annual Wellness Visit and Chronic Care Management programs can add significant revenues as well as improving patient outcomes. In addition testing services such as Fall Prevention and Diabetic Neuropathy testing such as with the ANS1 or Sudopath have the potential to add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

The Annual Wellness Visit is fast becoming an important solution for physicians servicing Medicare patients across the country. The Annual Wellness Visit is central to patient care, practice productivity and reduced health care costs. With the preventive approach that the Annual Wellness Visit provides, patients feel more empowered around their own health and wellbeing.

” Medicare beneficiaries often do not get the preventive and wellness services they need to stay healthy, to avoid or delay the onset of disease, and to lead productive lives. This is due, at least in part, to cost-sharing requirements that were barriers to access….. Now, as a result of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare has a new emphasis on prevention and wellness, which should help save lives and save beneficiaries money as well.” Families USA

From a practice perspective, the revenue and enhancement to patient care will help enhance practice loyalty and open lines of communication surrounding patient health. The revenue streams can be significant.

The two most often cited reasons for not offering the AWV: (1) a busy schedule that makes the time-intensive visit impractical for physicians to provide; and (2) inadequate reimbursement (approximately $170) for the lengthy visit. 

The reality is, however, that AWVs can be efficiently delivered by non-physician practitioners (NPPs) in a fraction of the time required for a traditional “physical” through the use of innovative software.  In turn, AWVs can become an important way for struggling primary care providers to deliver better patient care while generating a substantial, and recurring, income stream.” Medical Practice Inside

   Annual Wellnessr

A range of additional preventive free to the patient services are identified as a result of the Annual Wellness Visit. There is a range of consultations that can be identified by the visit that you may be doing already that you are not being paid for. Medicare will pay for consultations around diabetes self management, weight loss, smoking and more. All this empowers the patient and breeds practice loyalty.

The Ancillary Medical Solutions offer enables your practice to provide a thorough preventive approach around the Annual Wellness Visit, full training and staffing, if required, to run the program and a systemised approach to patient follow up. All this for a zero cost start up.

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