Urodynamics 2

As all of us age, we are faced with embarrassing problems such as incontinence. Over 13 million Americans suffer from incontinence, 85% are women. Urodynamics 2aIt is estimated that 1 in 4 women ages 30-59 have experienced an episode of urinary incontinence and 50% or more of the elderly population are incontinent. Approximately 80% of those affected by urinary incontinence can be cured.

Why choose AMS? Our urologic specialists have been helping patients since 2001 and have provided services for more than 120,000 patients. We are the gold standard in urodynamic testing and bladder evaluation. We have been at the forefront of clinical research in overactive bladder, lower urinary tract symptom, and stress urinary incontinence. Our goal is to offer the most advanced urodynamic testing so that you, the physician, are able to better diagnose and treat your patients.

Implementing a turnkey solution such as the UroCuff or Urodynamic testing into your practice can save patients a potentially unnecessary trip to a urologist. UTS will send two highly trained specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to your office to perform testing on a pre-determined day. After testing, results are interpreted by a Board Certified Urologist within 48 hours and your clinic will receive a detailed report with suggested treatment options.

With no capital investment, no maintenance costs, no clinical staff training, and no additional staff workload, you can implement a complete urodynamic ancillary service into your practice. Our new UroCuff, specifically designed to work with your male patients, is one of the quickest and least invasive solutions on the market. Coupled with our expert staff and equipment, we can offer you an ancillary service to which all other urodynamic solutions are compared.Testing

We offer urodynamic tests in: uroflowmetry, postvoid residual measurement, cystometric testing, leak point pressure measurement, pressure flow studies, electromyography, as well as video urodynamic tests. Our ancillary solution is considered medically necessary with nearly all insurance as well as Medicare. These ancillary solutions, the UroCuff and Urodynamic testing, can generate an average profit of over $500 per patient. Utilizing both services can generate an additional $90,000-$200,000/year profit for your practice.