Weight Loss is an area which physicians have found difficult to capitalise on. Without financial incentives it is difficult to provide any form of sustainable support model to offer patients in educating and supporting them to lose weight. Medical Weight LossAt Ancillary Medical Solutions, we have partnered with a true business model for Weight Loss with NO ongoing fees to support a franchise.

Obesity is a growing epidemic and a challenge to combat. Patients need support and education to assist them in losing weight and providing a customised solution is what they need to provide accountability and the tools for success. Often poor life style choice compounded over years have resulted in weight gains that then become a major challenge for a patient to combat.

Patients receive a customised diet plan in accordance with how rapidly they need or want to lose weight. There are diet plans if patients want to drop 10 pounds in 14 days or if they want to lose 10 lbs over 10 weeks. Patients have a range of options that even include gluten free plans.

The office has a full consultative approach to setting up their office as a weight loss clinic. Our Weight Loss vendor comes to your office to spend 2 to 3 days observing the patient flow, practice set up and provide all the training and support materials to understand the program. This is all done in phase 1 of training. The office receives all documentation to cover policies and procedures and marketing, include an extensive website. All documents and website are designed to branded with the practices own logo. This gives the presentation of the weight loss offer a congruent look and feel to what the office currently provides.

Patients receive daily emails to assist with their accountability and support including diet plans, shopping lists and daily activity suggested. This is all delivered in a patient friendly and fun way.

The 2nd phase of training involves the physician or health care provider such as a nurse practitioner, travelling to Atlanta to spend one or two days in one of the operational weight loss clinics. The provider will shadow the clinical staff and become fully conversant in all aspects of the patient handling process.

The 3rd phase allows for the practice manager to attend a clinic in Atlanta to become familiar with all the back office aspects ofthe program.


There are no ongoing fees aside from what the office wants to spend on marketing. Assistance is provided with marketing as the website comes already SEO optimised and will bring the office in top google searches for the local area.

Revenues from patients are typically around $225 per patient per month and patients usually stay in the program for 4 to 5 months. One weight loss day can generate $4000 to $5000 in revenue or $200 000 to $250 000 per year.

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