Frequently Asked Questions on the Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting

Methods of communication are changing. It was not that long ago that email was the sole form of electronic communication. While it is still the dominant method—most U.S. Frequently Asked Questionsadults still use email—but shorter messaging is on the rise. In the US, the number of adult cell phone owners that use text messaging (also known as SMS, or short message system) is largely increasing. And along with that comes many questions as to how physicians can use texting with their patients to lower their patient no-show rate and also increase their monthly revenue.

Would my patient population be suitable for mobile?

Yes, with 91% of U.S. adults using a mobile phone, it only makes sense to have a solution like Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting to help with keeping in touch with your patients.

What’s more people keep their mobile numbers, while email addresses change, people move, and landlines are gradually going away. The mobile phone is the device they carry with them wherever they go, so it gives you the ability to reach your patients or members wherever they may be, with whatever information they may need, at the exact time they need it.

How long to go live?

Start using the Protocall system in days! No hardware or software to purchase, install, or support. All you need is a web-browser and an internet connection to login to our cloud-based interactive console. The Dialog Health team will guide you through setup and then host your team for online training.

Which staff use it?

The typical users of the system are dependent on the type of facility and the intended use case. Examples would be appointment schedulers, nurse practitioners, care coordinators, pre op nurses, post-acute care coordinators, call center employees, administrative staff and HR

Frequently Asked Questions on the Protocall Two Way Patient Communication TextingProtocall Two

How much of a burden will this be on my current staff?

The Protocall platform will enhance work flow by reducing the number of incoming and outgoing phone calls to patients. Time savings can be significant since sending a text takes 20 seconds, versus a phone call that takes 3 or more minutes! Usually, your staff are checking the console only two or three times a day to respond to incoming messages and initiate effective communication with patients.

Do you support content development?

Yes through Dialog Health services they can provide content across all media or adapt yours for the mobile channel.

How do we integrate?

Dialog Health makes it easy to integrate your patient or member data into their console. They can accept your data in many formats, such as CSV, HL7, or XML. Dialog Health consistently and securely keeps their system up-to-date with the information in your EMR or PPM system. They are also fully integrated with the following EMR’s and facility management systems: DigiChart, Greenway, Source Medical, and Varian.


From hosting and storage through processing and transmission the Protocall solution adheres to the latest SSAE and HIPAA standards. Dialog Health protects your data and that of your clients. Redundancy and back-ups also ensure you can trust the ongoing availability of our system and access to your information.

Can I author my own messages?

Yes, Dialog Health can configure your account so that you can add or edit your messages or they can just configure them for you, whichever you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting

To learn more about Protocall, contact AMS to have your local Certified Ancillary Consultant visit your practice.