An independent review of Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting and its Benefits

The recent trend in mobile phone texting to improve health care outcomes in primary care and chronic disease has shown promising results.independent review Research appears to indicate that the use of a text messaging system to aid in the management of illnesses may be a successful option for clinicians and patients to consider. Adherence with medications and therapies is a cornerstone of disease management, yet the rates of people living with illnesses who are non-adherent are strikingly high. The use of a Protocall Short Messaging System (SMS) for appointment and medication reminders, updates of medication therapies, and reinforcement of teaching tools may improve adherence and lower rates of sub-optimal behaviors in this at risk population.

The solution lies in the back pocket of future patients: the mobile phone. Text messaging has proven itself as an effective means of communication across age groups, genders, ethnicities, locations, religions, and more. It works for everyone.

Protocall text messaging is fast – and significantly faster than the traditional recruitment phone call. Texting makes it possible to reach a larger number of potential patients by text and perform immediate follow-up with less staff. Screening visits can be scheduled and eligibility questions can be answered via text. Really, text messaging can aid in all aspects of recruitment! If you are looking for a recruitment strategy that has proven positive results, consider texting; you never know who you might be able to reach.Patient Communication Texting

Protocall SMS provides a direct, concise, and easy way to relate to another person. It is always available, trustworthy, and convenient. This is why Protocall SMS is so vital in clinical trials: Protocall SMS allows patients to easily access trial information, including sign-ups and prescreening questions.

Who would have thought? A simple text message to follow up with patients after they leave your practice will help with patient retention and help reduce your no-show rate.

To learn more about AMS’s Protocall Two Way Patient Communication Texting solution, contact us to set up an appointment for your local Certified Ancillary Consultant. He or She will help with any questions you may have.