CCMAncillary Medical Solutions is proud to provide a Chronic Care Management solution that is turnkey and specifically designed to help meet the requirements of Medicare’s new chronic care management code: 99490. The platform provides easy to use technology and is partnered with excellent concierge services. This solution provides the most comprehensive care coordination solution available to service the chronic care management program.

The program came into effect through Affordable Care Act reforms and was introduced in January 2015. The program is offered to Medicare patients aged over 65 years of age that suffer with 2 or more chronic conditions. The chronic condition is defined as a condition that the patient will have had for 12 months or more and continue to have for the rest of their life.

85% of the current healthcare budget goes to servicing chronic conditions and two thirds of all Medicare dollars spent are on those with 5 or more chronic disease states. The chronic care management program helps monitor patients and their data around the clock and will result in improved outcomes and reduced health care costs.

Patients have 24 hour, 7 day a week access to Health Assistants. This support is to provide patient access to medical concerns outside of normal office hours and all notes are documented in the physician portal that is set up when the patient enrols in the program.

Physicians receive transparency of care as the portal provides access to all health care providers for any given patient and to patient notes. This allows clearer communication between providers where previously the information may have been hard to access and found in multiple locations.

The system is fully HIPAA compliant and an up to date Comprehensive Care plan is shared with all of the patient providers. The portal has an easy to use web and mobile app and provide real time access to data and monitoring of enrolled patients.  Patients receive a 20 minute phone call each month from the chronic care provider and all notes are documented in the doctor portal as well as assistance in tracking their conditions and medications.  All physicians will have access to these notes.

The CPT code 99490 provides physicians with a monthly recurring revenue. The national average is around $42 per patient per month reimbursement. Every 500 Medicare patients enrolled sees revenues of $20 000 per month. All the physician need do is have the patient enrol in the program. The patient is free to unenroll at any time, will be billed a copay and must consent to the program.

CCM2Patients will gain immense value from the care they receive in their monthly call. They will also be directed to an in office visit at any sign that they need additional care such as in the instance that they may have had a fall.

This program is open to any health care provider that sees Medicare patients. The first provider to enrol a patient will receive the remuneration for that patient though all Health Care Providers will have access to their patients’  information.

This is a highly patient-centric solution which will ensure patients benefit from round the clock access to their medical needs. Patients will have support in tracking their conditions and medications to increase compliance and improve outcomes. Our chronic care management program ticks all the requirements for compliance leaving your office to do what it does best, taking care of patients in office.