med disp 4Medication Dispensing is a turn-key solution for allowing the provider to access over 2400+ generic medications to prescribe to their Patient Base. Our Vendor provides a best in market computer software portal which ties into your EMR to select the patient and controls the office’s formulary.  All the provider has to do is print off a label, scan the barcode, and apply the label to the medication bottle.  All medications are in pre-packaged, which allows a one minute turn-around time to fill the prescription for the patient. In fact, according to a 2007 research poll, 3 out of 4 patients stated that, if given the choice, they would rather have their prescription filled by their doctor than going to the pharmacy. Furthermore, 84% of respondents said such a service would be more convenient, and 62% said it would help them better manage their health.



Patient Benefits:  The 4 C’s – Convenience, Cost, Compliance and Confidentiality.


Save your patients a trip to the pharmacy.  Pharmacy wait times can be hours.  Patients value the time savings of filling prescriptions at their doctor’s office; regardless of the dispensing service you choose, cash or Workers Comp, our vendor gives your patients very cost effective options; patient compliance increases (various studies cite between 20% to 30% of prescriptions are never filled by patients);.our Vendor’s clients report a high utilization of their in-office dispensing option especially when the condition being treated might be sensitive to the patient, shown in the appreciation of the option to fill prescriptions in the privacy and confidentiality of their doctor’s office.


med disp 3Our Vendor provides everything you need including:


Over 2,400 pre-packaged generic and brand name medication to choose from, an easy-to-use online software dispensing system, system training, personalized support.



Other Benefits of Medication to the Office


Our Vendor will work with you to create a customized, turn-key solution for your business and get you making more money quickly. We will take the time with you to create the correct formulary inventory for your practice, complete DEA and regulatory reporting, and will make sure you have everything you need to successfully offer this innovative, convenient service to your patients. It is a win-win for everyone. Your profits will go up and your patients will thank you for it.


Profit for the office


The average cash prescription profit for the physician’s office is between $5.00-$7.00 per prescription.


Broken down (based on a $5 profit per medication):


Number of Medications Dispensed per day: 10, 15, 20, or 25

Net Profit per Day:          $50.00, $75.00, $100.00, or $150.00.

Net Profit per Week:      $250.00, $375.00, $500.00, or $750.00

Net Profit per Month:    $1,000.00, $1,500.00, $2,000.00, or $3,000.00

Net Profit per Year:         $12,000.00, $18,000.00, $24,000.00, or $36,000.00


Cost for Set-Up


Our Vendor’s point of care medication dispensing service is delivered with no upfront investment, no long-term contracts and no financial risk. A scanner, label printer, no cost implementation of a portal on the offices computers and EMR (Our Vendor can also work with an office without EMR).  Additional staff is not required. Dispensing pre-packaged medications through our Vendor is amazingly fast and easy.


Next Steps

Contact Ancillary Medical Solutions today at: 888-315-1519, for a free on-line demonstration.

Following the demonstration, your local AMS Certified Ancillary Consultant will provide you with an enrollment form and agreement to fill out and sign. After verification of medical and DEA licenses, our Vendor will send an order form and log-in information to access the on-line ordering, inventory tracking, and dispensing application