Yes PRP kitPlatelet Rich Plasma is becoming an attractive solution for a variety of offices to offer due to the variety of areas that Platelet Rich Plasma is being found to make a difference. It is also a good opportunity to bring in more cash based business or tap into billing code 0232T.

  • Is it covered by insurance and Medicare?

It is covered by commercial insurance for Orthopedics and Podiatry, but requires pre-authorization. The billing code is 0232T. Many offices are working on a cash basis for those patients whose insurance doesn’t allow, but the physician feels the patient would benefit from the therapy.

  • Do I need to get special training?

Not necessarily, but it is recommended if you are not experienced with the protocols. Our vendor provides monthly one-day training sessions in Boca Raton that covers the Aesthetics, Hair Restoration and Orthopedic aspects of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Another option would be to have on-site training at your office. Our vendor attends your office for one day and provides training on all of the above aspects. There is a $1000.00/day plus expenses fee that goes along with private training. Last but not least, there are numerous YouTube videos on the various aspects of PRP therapy which can be downloaded for free.

  • PRP orthoI’m already using another system; why would I consider switching to yours?

Our system is very easy to use and only requires a 16.5 ml blood draw, whereas most of the competitive kits require 30 – 60 ml of blood for about the same yield of Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Poor Plasma. Our system provides a yield of approximately 11.5 ml. Our uniquely designed kit makes it extremely simple to access the PPP, PRP and buffy coat while maintaining total control of the process. Our kit is reasonably priced and will save you both time and money. Pricing is set on a sliding scale based on volume and starts at $129.00.

  • Is any marketing assistance provided to get started?

Zizion does not just sell you products and leave you, if purchasing the 30 or 50 kits a flier will be customized with your clinic information on it and the print ready files along with those for posters and help with web content. A Press Release will also be provided for your local area letting people know you are now offering the service and you will be aided with other marketing resources. They also provide analysis of your website to ensure you’re capturing the traffic you desire. Our goal is to be your regenerative distribution partner for a lot of years to come.

  • What is the revenue potential for the various therapies?

Platelet Rich Plasma, when used for aesthetics or hair, can range in pricing from $70 to $3 500 per treatment plus any Nanopen treatment. In Orthopedics, treatments are around $1000 per treatment and Podiatry from $750 to $1500. Shots for sexual health are typically upwards of $1000 per treatment. An office providing one treatment per day could see additional revenues of over $250 000 per year.

  • PRPAre there any risks to the patient?

Since PRP is autologous, there are virtually no risks for the patient. The worst thing that might happen is “nothing”; the patient doesn’t receive the anticipated results from the therapy. There is always the potential for contamination, but our needleless system virtually eliminates that aspect of the procedure.

Platelet Rich Plasma provides an innovative way to expand your practice offer  and bring in cash based revenue. Many patients are extremely pleased with their results. For more information on this or other ancillary solutions, click on one of the links below.