med disp 2With the increasing challenges of compliance and profitability in the changing face of healthcare, physicians are looking for new solutions. Ancillary Medical Solutions is helping physicians solve their profitability issues by adding patient-centric solutions such as Medication Dispensing. Patients are enjoying the convenience of having their prescriptions filled before they leave the office. Physicians are enjoying the patient appreciation and the extra cash based revenue that Medication Dispensing delivers.


Some questions we get asked about in house Medication Dispensing include:


How many medications should the practitioner include in their formulary?

Our vendor suggests that the practitioner starting with a 3-5 commonly prescribed generic medications for their formulary.  This allows the practitioner and staff to become familiar with the simple process of prescribing out of the office. Additional medications can be added at anytime.

How easy is Medication Dispensing implement into an office?

Our vendor provides a portal on the office, which shows the patient list in the EMR, and allows the provider to choose the appropriate medication for the patient.  The label offers the SIG information. The appropriate, package insert and dosing instructions, just as the patient would receive from the pharmacy, are also included.

How does the patient pay for the Medication?

Our Vendor’s software program will print out a receipt, will show on the patient’s price (the total amount, the physician’s profit will not show) and the patient will pay upon leaving the office.

med dispWhat are Physician and Practice Benefits?

Increased income generates a new source of profit and cash flow to help offset declining reimbursements and rising costs of managing a practice; increased productivity and time savings by reducing pharmacy phone calls and fax requests; dispensing medications can actually save your staff time, helping your practice to focus more on patient care and their experience with your practice; the physician is the best advocate for the patient and has the complete facts by directly dispensing your prescriptions, the patient receives the exact medication prescribe; increasingly, physicians are being evaluating on patient outcomes.  Directly dispensing your prescriptions can improve patient outcomes; increasing patient compliance; allowing the practitioner’s office to compete with “mini clinics” the reason being Retail pharmacies continue to compete with primary care physicians by adding our medication dispensing solution, primary care physicians begin to level the playing field and compete with retail pharmacy mini clinics; in-house medication dispensing allow for a full service practice image: Give your patients the choices and options that they want, to fill their prescriptions where they choose to, including at your practice.


Contact Ancillary Medical Solutions today at: 888-315-1519, for a free on-line demonstration.

Following the demonstration, your local AMS Certified Ancillary Consultant will provide you with an enrollment form and agreement to fill out and sign. After verification of medical and DEA licenses, our Vendor will send an order form and log-in information to access the on-line ordering, inventory tracking, and dispensing application.