imagesHere at AMS we have an answer to the question. “How do I lower my patient no-show rate”?


By implementing Protocall Two Way Patient Texting Communication from Dialog Health. This solution will give you the tools that are needed to reduce your no-show rate by 70% and in most cases increase your revenue by $1000 or more a month.


When a physician hears “What is your hourly rate?” they most likely assumes the question is directed to an accountant or an attorney. Unfortunately, physicians rarely think they possess an hourly rate like other professionals.


While it’s true that payment systems do not lend themselves to billing an hourly rate, every doctor has one. Not realizing the importance of hourly compensation causes many practices to fail to appreciate the enormous value of strategic scheduling, and most importantly, the need to keep their schedules full. You should think of your “no show” patients as time-pickpockets. They steal your opportunity to completely schedule your day with revenue-producing visits.

In our increasingly casual society, it can be difficult to know how to end the no-show trend. Some doctors think overbooking is the answer; but that only reflects poorly on their practice. They’re bound to find that if every patient shows up, they’ll leave with a low opinion of the practice as a result of long waits and disorganized scheduling. Practice reputations can be tarnished not only by word of mouth, but also word of mouse. Disappointed patients can also broadcast their dissatisfaction online using ratings websites such as

So what can you do to help your patients arrive at your practice every time they are scheduled for a visit?


In the past, a patient’s visit to the office may have been the only time the healthcare provider communicated with them. Things are much different today.

From email to voice to SMS text messaging, healthcare providers are engaging patients, providing follow ups and relaying lab results using electronic communication.


Meet Patient Demand
The need for electronic patient communication in healthcare is right under our noses. Patients are demanding more timely communication from their healthcare providers. With cell phones nearby at all times, voice and SMS text messaging are especially popular ways to reach patients where ever they are.

Endless Uses for Electronic Patient Communication
Electronic patient communication has a wide variety of applications in the medical industry. Depending on the channel of messaging, healthcare providers can streamline the patient communication process for better health outcomes. Appointment reminders, lab result notifications and collection reminders are just a few uses that help keep patients engaged.

dr_patient_textingMeasurable Benefits to Healthcare Providers
Healthcare providers experience higher efficiency and productivity with the use of electronic patient communication. Patients’ satisfaction and retention is also said to improve with more consistent communication from their healthcare providers. This can also reduce unnecessary office visits and inquiries.


So if you’re experiencing a high no-show rate in your practice and you’re scratching your head on how to lower that rate and increase your monthly revenue. Then contact us at AMS to find out more about Protocall Two Way Patient Texting Communication. And schedule a time to have your local Certified Ancillary Consultant come to your practice and show you how easy this can be done.