Med fit imageMedical Fitness has the potential to make the biggest impact on patient lives. It has been shown to get people to be more active has the ability to improve health beyond what losing weight can offer.

There is little in offering for physicians in private practice for medical fitness and the biggest hurdle is space, patient conversion and implementation.

Offering Medical Fitness as a solution for patients doesn’t have to be the big hurdle it sounds with Ancillary Medical Solutions.

Our Medical Fitness Solution supports the physician every step of the way in implementation each aspect of the program. With over 20 years of industry experience, our vendor knows what works and the challenges physicians can face with anything new.

Our vendor will help you understand the key concepts of Medical Fitness, using weight loss as a carrot to entice patients to utilize the solution. Your office can choose which aspects of the solution they want to engage in first whether it be metabolism testing, fitness assessment or exercise programs. Our vendor will help you identify suitable staff to run the programs where appropriate and educate you on how to interest your patients in joining your Medical Fitness Academy.

The cost of the program is $500 per month which provides the office with education and coaching around solution implementation. The physician can decide which aspects of the program they want to implement to enable them to run the program to suit the needs of their office. A full set up of equipment can be in excess of $20 000. With the staged approach the office can choose which modules they want to include first as they build their confidence around the offer and the patient benefits without the need of the large start up costs.

Doing something positive to truly help your patients wellbeing and health outcomes brings job satisfaction to doctors. Job satisfaction has been at an all time low with the reimbursement cuts of past years and the additional layers of compliance.

A small percentage of private practice physicians are working out how the new health economy will look and are implementing proactive solutions like Medical Fitness. Cash based solutions are an important aspect in generating revenue growth and safeguarding against further reimbursement cuts or compliance issues.

The baby boomer market is a key target for physicians wanting to implement Medical Fitness to their practice. Revenues for a 250 sq ft operation can see increases anywhere from $5000 to $20 000 per month.

Med fitness 5This solution enables you to tap into your existing patient base without the need to look further. You also access the millions of dollars spent each year on the health and fitness industry that have not previously been available to you.

Your patients will feel great and have a real chance at seriously improving their health outcomes through increased activity, fitness, strength and education. They will thank you for it.

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