CCM1Chronic Care Management is a new program launched by the Affordable Care Act in January of this year. This program pays doctors for Quality Care, adopting a preventive approach to patient care. Adding ancillary services to your office is fast becoming the way to remain profitable in today’s changing face of healthcare. Ancillary Medical Solutions has found a top line Chronic Care Management program that will bring you the gold standard in patient care.

Patients that qualify for the program will be Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, COPD, obesity, cancer, essentially any condition that the patient has had for 12 months or more, until death.

ACOs are tasked to reduce the cost of healthcare and will find the platform that this solution provides very beneficial. The platform allows transparency of patient care. Access to the doctor portal allows visibility of all recent office and hospital visits from various providers to their patient.

80% of doctors want to do this program and have not had the resources to do it. For an office to provide this service independently, one full time staff member would be needed to provide the 20 minute phone call to the patient, that is required each month for every 250 Medicare patients.

With our solution, no office staff  are required to run the program!

CCM3The patient will need to

  • Consent to the program
  • understand that there will be a monthly copay (approx $8 to $10 depending on the state) (secondary insurance will cover this)
  • the patient can unenroll at any time

The patient will receive a 20 min phone call once per month and discuss health issues such as medication compliance and will be asked if they have fallen. The call will be documented and the notes available to the office. Calls will be conducted by a MA, nurse, doctor, pharmacist or dietician as examples.

All patient notes from all Health Care Providers will be conglomerated into a Doctors Portal so there is transparency of patient care between all  providers.  This portal will also include information on notes from the last doctors visits and medications.

There is also a Patient Portal which addresses patient medication compliance and if the patient seeks medical assistance then they will receive a return call within 15 minutes. This covers out of hours care. The patient will also be reminded when they are due for their Annual Wellness Visit.

CCM2Transitional Care         

The physician can also receive a $200 to $250 reimbursement when a patient leaves hospital if they see their physician within 2 weeks of leaving hospital. With this program, the physician will be alerted when a patient has left hospital and be scheduled for their visit.

The average reimbursement PER MONTH is $43 on code 99490. The office is billed a monthly per patient fee for each person enrolled.

Once the office has signed on board a simple script pad is provided for the patient to provide consent. Everything else is handled by the service provider.  This will be moving to an electronic base in the near future.

For more information on this or other ancillary services, please contact Ancillary Medical Solutions to find out more.