awvAncillary services are a good way to bolster practice profitability and add valuable services to your patients.  The Annual Wellness Visit is a good way to build your practice and can be a central point of providing preventive care for your Medicare patients. The revenues and pull through from the visit can be significant especially when adding on a chronic care management program.

Some doctors are still unsure how to implement the Annual Wellness Visit due to the requirements around doing a complete health risk assessment as well as a compliant report.

  1. Why do I need Total Recall to do my Annual Wellness Visits?

Total Recall will handle all the training and 95% of the workload of the Annual Wellness Visit. All the office need do is get the patient to the office and the Total Recall technician will handle the rest. The technician will handle all aspects of the Health Risk Assessment as well as provide additional Preventive testing for Pharmacogenetic screening, Cancer Screening and a Neurocognitive test where the patient qualifies. This preventive approach will improve health outcomes through a proactive approach to patient care. The practice also benefits from additional screening and testing that may be offered and the significant revenues it can produce.


  1. I don’t have the time to do the Annual Wellness Visit

With our solution, your staff are freed up to get on with what they need to do and the technician provided to you handles the in office work of the Visit.


  1. What reimbursements can I expect?

The elements of the Annual Wellness Visit generate around $200 in revenue and the Neurocognitive component around $150. Follow up visit 2 is around $100 and visit 3 $70 to $100. Additional pull through revenue is between $100 to $150 per patient. Ancillary Medical Solutions has further add on solutions that can raise the opportunity for additional revenue higher including Fall Prevention, Neuropathy testing and Chronic Care Management.


  1. What makes your offer different to other Annual Wellness Providers?

Typically other Annual Wellness Providers do everything they can to get the patient TO your office for the Annual Wellness Visit, leaving you to handle the workload of the visit. With our program, all you need to do is get the patient to the office and our technician handles the rest. We provide ongoing support and monitor reimbursements and Medicare changes to ensure reimbursements and patient care are maximized.


  1. awv2Is the report compliant?

Many physicians may be doing the Annual Wellness Visit but may not be providing a fully compliant report. The report must be written and given to the patient outlining their needs for short and long term care and screening. This will identify the pull through visits that also provide additional revenues for the office. Your patient will be happier as they have a written plan and a better understanding of additional testing, many of which are free from copay. The patient also receives educational material on providing self care with notes about end of life planning, blood pressure and obesity as examples.


For more information on this or other ancillary solutions contact Ancillary Medical Solutions.