med disp 4With increasing pressures on physician reimbursements the need to find extra sources of revenue is becoming necessary for many practices. Adding Medication Dispensing is an easy no cost start up solution well suited to a variety of offices.

Offices can commence Medication Dispensing with 1 or 2 different medications. Medications are generic and the doctor has a large list of those commonly prescribed to choose from. Many Urgent Cares start with simply supplying Z packs.

Ancillary Medical Solutions will work with your practice to find the best solutions to integrate into your practice with your current patient and payer mix. Medication Dispensing is well suited to Urgent Care, Family and Internal Medicine and Pediatrics just to name a few.

The benefits that Physicians and their practice can expect to see are:

Increased income

Medication Dispensing can generate a new source of profit and cash flow to help offset declining reimbursements and rising costs of managing a practice. Profit margins can be determined by the physician. Income is also cash based, eliminating the stranglehold of insurance.


Increased productivity and time savings

Staff time and productivity will be improved with reduced pharmacy phone calls and fax requests. This enables the  practice to focus more on patient care and improving their in office experience.


Reduced liability

The physician is the best advocate for the patient and has all the complete facts about their health and medication sensitivities.  Utilizing in office dispensing can increase patient compliance. Patients frequently value their time and appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly pick up their medicine in office without the lengthy wait often required at many pharmacies.


Improved patient outcomes

Physicians are increasingly being evaluated on patient outcomes. Directly dispensing prescriptions ensures patients are able to commence on their medicines immediately. This means in the case of infectious diseases your patient can commence recovering before they even leave the office.


Compete with Mini Clinics

Retail pharmacies continue to compete with primary care physicians. Physicians can take back some of this lost revenue by providing a complete in house solution, leveling the playing field to compete with retail pharmacy mini clinics.


Full service practice image

Give your patients the choices and options that they want enabling them to fill their prescriptions where they choose, including your practice.


As you can see the patient and practice benefits are many.  Practices that utilize medication dispensing typically find 32% of their patients use the service. The medication list is expansive and your office only need stock the best volume lines to maximize efficiency.


A pharmacy solution is also available at Ancillary Medical Solutions that unlike other pharmacies, actually generates revenue for the physician.


Ancillary Medical Solutions is committed to finding increased revenue sources for physicians. A wide array of solutions is available to your office. If you would like a free Ancillary Services Checkup click on the link below to see what opportunities exist for your office.