Med fitnessMedical Fitness is an innovative offer that proactive physician offices can provide to vastly improve the health of their patients. As sitting becomes the new smoking, getting patients active is now considered more important than weight loss.

Many patients lack confidence when it comes to exercise. Offering Medical Fitness in office, gives patients the caring environment they need to exercise safely and with peace of mind knowing their physician is close at hand.

As reimbursements are being more closely linked to patient outcomes, Medical Fitness is a perfect solution to improve patient health. Typically sessions are offered at around $10 to $15 per session. Depending on the office and space, small groups can be trained at the same time utilizing 500 sq ft. Larger spaces can also be accommodated. Offices can realistically expect to increase revenues by $5 000 or more per month.

Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Medical Fitness Academy that has a turnkey solution. Doctors have found it challenging and time consuming to integrate a full scale fitness model into their office. Medical Fitness Academy has come up with an innovative and achievable model that allows physicians to slowly integrate fitness into their office.

Monthly training and coaching is provided to the office covering many aspects of program implementation including patient conversion, steps to launching, exercise readiness screening, metabolism testing, pricing and more. Each month a new aspect of the solution is introduced with a follow up coaching conversation to assist in implementation.

The office can pick and choose what aspects they want to address first and implement. Equipment can be introduced all at once or gradually, again in accordance to the ability of the practice to implement each step.

Medical Fitness Academy is invested in your success. Through the years that they have worked with physicians, they intimately understand the demands physicians work under and have produced a program that works with them at a pace that the physician can control.

With most new solutions, the key to success is implementation. The coaching provided with Medical Fitness will ensure your challenges are addressed and watch your new fitness offer flourish. Patients will enjoy their new found energy and physical abilities. Fitness can change how a person feels about themselves and the relationships of those around them.

Supporting activity in patients is by far the best thing an office can provide in health and well being. Don’t let your patients become the latest statistics in the sitting disease and give them the option of medical fitness in the convenience of your office.

This turnkey solution that Ancillary Medical Solutions offers, not only will return many financial rewards for your practice but keep your patients healthier and more capable, affording quality of life.

For more information on this and other Ancillary Medical Solutions, contact us and we will have one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants contact you.