Med Fit 3The population of the United States is becoming unhealthier by the year. With increases in weight and sedentary lifestyles, the health of our nation has never looked so grim.

Whilst assisting patients to lose weight is one step in fighting this uphill battle, offering a Medical Fitness solution is another.

Encouraging patients to be more active has an opportunity to improve patient outcomes like no other solution. Sitting and sedentary lifestyles is now defined as the new smoking.

Lifestyle Medicine is the latest approach to combating the health of our nation. Encouraging patients to adopt wellness and proactively care for themselves is the key to health care change.

Ancillary Medical Solutions has partnered with Medical Academy Fitness to offer a turnkey solution for your practice. The benefits to the practice allow you to earn recurring cash based revenues and to markedly improve your patient lifestyles and health outcomes. The rewards you receive as a physician when you see the changes in your patients will be heart warming.

The Medical Fitness solution is ideally suited to any existing medical, physical therapy or chiropractic practice and can be up and running in 90 days or less. Each practice will have a solution customized to their patient requirements.

Medical Fitness offers strength and cardio training as well as fitness and metabolic assessments. The minimum space required to start up is 250 sq ft and models of up to 1400 sq ft are available. Full training is provided along with all the equipment and ongoing coaching support.

A 250 sq ft operation would enable the office to service 40 to 50 medical fitness clients and generate revenues of $10 000 to $14 000 per month. Cash flow is positive from the first month of operation. The model is likened to a franchise structure however there are no royalty or franchise fees. You are provided a business model.

MbraceAt Ancillary Medical Solutions, we are committed to finding the best in class solutions. Medical Fitness may be something you have not considered. Given the benefits to patient well being and the attachment of reimbursements in the future being tied to patient outcomes, Medical Fitness can be good for you and your patients.

Patients will have a high regard for fitness offered from your office. This solution affords them the security of knowing that their current state of health will be considered before embarking on any exercise program. Obese, diabetic patients and the baby boomer generation are ideal clients for your Medical Fitness Academy.

We do have a Practice Survey we can assist you to complete to determine suitability for your office. For further information on how this turnkey solution can work for your office contact Ancillary Medical Solutions who will direct a Certified Ancillary Consultant to work with you in finding the best ancillary solutions for your practice.