Medical Fit 3If you are one of the many medical practices seeking to generate more revenue, Ancillary Medical Solutions has something for you. Reimbursements are constantly declining and with extra layers of compliance it is harder than ever to keep your practice profits growing.

Physicians are increasingly turning to Ancillary Services as an opportunity to bring in more revenue. Many cash based solutions are becoming available, taking away from the reliance on Medicare and commercial insurers.

Medical Fitness, is an innovative solution that has the opportunity to impact patient lives in a greater way than anything else your practice currently offers. Inactivity, is a silent killer. Not only does it contribute to obesity, the impact on health is also significant.

Physician offices are now uniquely placed to be able to offer Medical Fitness to their patients. The partner Ancillary Medical Solutions works with, paces office integration at a manageable pace for any practice.

As with any new solution, implementation is typically the most difficult aspect for a busy doctor’s office. Medical Fitness Academy has tailored a program to be able to make implementation a step by step, manageable process.

Offices interested in providing Medical Fitness would typically have 250 sq ft available. Support in implementation is very much dictated by the office requirements. Facets of the program that can be offered include: Metabolism testing, fitness assessments as well as fitness programs.

Offices are taught how to convert patients via monthly webinars with follow up personal coaching to address any obstacles to implementation. All training is provided from staff training and hiring to sales, pricing, marketing and implementation.

Offering Medical Fitness is imperative to improving patient outcomes and wellbeing. Healthy lifestyle interventions are effective treatment for obesity and other chronic conditions. The program can be delivered to your existing patient base, without a need to market outside your existing practice.

MedfitnessThe anti aging and lifestyle market is currently worth $80 billion and is set to expand to $115 billion this year. Offering lifestyle wellness programs positions your office to partake in this revenue stream that you could otherwise be missing out on.

Any medical, physical therapy or chiropractic office is suited to incorporating wellness into their offer. Offering medical fitness is the single most impactful thing an office can provide for keeping and improving patient health.

Anticipated profits from a one room wellness center can be anywhere from $5 000 to $20 000 per month in cash based income. With the ease of implementation and ongoing support, Medical Fitness will position you as a proactive and caring practice in your community.

Patients are already spending money on wellness. Position your office to partake in this spend by providing your patients a safe and comfortable area to get active. This is one of the few solutions doctors can offer that is truly preventive and has the opportunity to improve quality of life for many patients.

For more information on this and other Ancillary Medical Solutions, contact us and we will have one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants contact you.