Holter 2Holter Monitoring is an everyday diagnostic tool that is now available to physician offices at no cost. Ancillary Medical Solutions is able to provide physicians with a no cost solution to provide in house Holter Monitoring to their patients.

Holter Monitoring is an essential tool for physicians in helping to differentiate cardiac pain from other chest pain related causes. An ECG is simply taking a snapshot, holter monitoring enables the physician to track a patient for a 24 to 48 hour period.

Each year, 70 million people have chest pain that is unrelated to their heart. Using a holter monitor, physicians can readily assess the possible source of chest pain related to the heart, through the diagnostic tools available in office.

The solution that Ancillary Medical Solutions offers, provides the physician with the equipment in office at no cost. All in office billing is retained entirely by the physician. The vendor makes their portion of the revenue through the report interpretation, so no money changes hands.

This is a quick, no cost start up for any physician office who is not currently offering Holter Monitoring. Holter Monitoring is also routinely used to see if medicines are working, to check the heart is getting enough oxygen and also for patients experiencing dizziness, fainting or heart irregularities.

Reports are provided in color and within 8 hours of the information being downloaded to the Holter Lab portal. Your patients will never be billed by our holter lab service, even if the billing is denied. All insurances are accepted with Medicare typically reimbursing at $78 and $238 for commercial insurers.

Doc with moneyWith this simple turnkey solution, there is no reason not to offer Holter Monitoring to your patients. With this and multiple other solutions offered at Ancillary Medical Solutions, you can quickly turn the profitability of your practice around. Whilst revenues are not huge with Holter Monitoring, a number of other services offered by Ancillary Medical Solutions are.

If your practice profits are struggling or if you haven’t seen a pay rise in a while, look into Ancillary Services. Irrespective of your specialty, Ancillary Medical Solutions has multiple solutions that can work for your office, some of them producing 6 digit revenues, even for a small practice.

If ancillary services are not in your current line up then it could be time to call in a Certified Ancillary Consultant. At Ancillary Medical Solutions, a practice check up can be performed free of charge. This enables you, the physician, to quickly see the best solutions that will add to your current patient offer and bottom line.

If you are unsure where to start and Holter Monitoring is not in your current offer, then this is where many of our physicians begin. Adding quick start, simple no cost solutions enable you to start to generate some additional revenues whilst looking at the big picture of your practice.

For more information on this and other Ancillary Medical Solutions, contact us and we will have one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants contact you.