AWV 4Ancillary Medical Solutions now has an easy to implement and affordable solution to offer physicians Medical Fitness. With sitting becoming the new smoking, patients need to understand that the biggest favor they can do to improve their health and well-being is to move.
Healthcare stakeholders in the government and commercial sectors are more closely scrutinizing patient outcomes. Practices that implement solutions such as Medical Fitness will safeguard future reimbursements by taking active measures to support patient wellness.

Some of the benefits a practice can see include:
Positive Impact on Patient’s Overall Health and Wellness
This solution can be integrated into a variety of practice specialties such as internal, family medicine, cardiology, physical therapy and chiropractic. Lifestyle medicine is increasingly becoming accepted as the future of medicine. Many health related problems are associated with the disease-promoting lifestyle we now live. Poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles are the main source of the problem.

Educating and encouraging patients how to become more active and the impact it has on their well-being can be transformational. Getting patients to be more active has the potential to improve their health more so than any other recommendation. Once patients start to move more, they feel better, become even more active and may often lose weight which in turn may help them to come off some of their medications over time.

Complete Support in Medical Fitness Implementation
When starting anything new, it is important to have the resources and guidance to support change. Just as you will provide this support for your patients, our Medical Fitness partner will also support you through every step. With the affordable monthly fee, you will receive monthly webinars with additional coaching to support you, implementation will be at an achievable pace and directed toward the goals that the practice would like to achieve.

AWV patient 4Webinar content includes identifying prospective clients, converting them to using your Medical Fitness program, Health and exercise assessments, metabolism assessments and more. Follow up coaching assists you to ensure you have what you need to be successful. Our partner, Medical Fitness Academy has a long history in supporting the medical profession with integrating fitness into their existing portfolios and has the necessary experience to understand your challenges.

Additional, Cash Based Income Stream
Introducing cash based revenue reduces the dependence on a third party payer, giving you back some financial control over your future. Monthly memberships can be sold to your Wellness Center and you can offer the services at the pace you choose to integrate them. A one room wellness center can generate an additional $5 000 to $20 000 a month.

This solution will help establish your medical practice as having a wellness focus. Your patients that embark on the program will feel better and thank you for it. In addition to this, the offer you can provide competes with what the fitness and weight loss industries with the credibility of a health care provider behind it.

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