MH Uplift
How has the ACA affected you?  Changes in healthcare have adversely affected private practice MD’s throughout the country.  Sometimes, however, change leads to opportunity!  In 2014 new legislation was put in place that finally made it mandatory for insurance companies to reimburse for Mental Health Testing.

Imagine the good that can be accomplished by identifying underlying mental health issues and helping your patient understand that they do in fact have an issue, and that help is available.   You can help stop the next suicide, school shooting, child bullying incident, or simply help someone pull themselves out of a depressed state and allow them to become a productive member of society.

MHThe mind-body connection is powerful and when one is off the other can falter in a variety of ways.   As many as 70% of primary care visits are triggered by a mental health issue but the patient often will not raise the issue and providers are too busy to ask.  You will create a stronger patient/doctor connection by offering these tests to your patients and they will feel they can come to you with any of life’s problems.

Imagine being able to screen for Substance Abuse, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and Bi-Polar disorder on a HIPPA and STARK Compliant IPad touch screen program that has gone through rigorous validation studies evaluated by psychologist and psychiatrists.

MH wordsImagine creating new revenue while adding little to no additional office workload by utilizing the waiting room to accomplish this easy to take 46 question touch screen IPad test that only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Imagine a turn-key solution where the IPad (s) are provided at no charge, all training is provided at no charge, and the patient’s report is immediately available using predictive algorithmic scoring.  There will be risk scoring on all five mental health tests including M.D. advice on what to say and do for your patient.  You and your billing specialist will also gain valuable new training that will help them improve their billing effectiveness overall leading to more revenue and fewer denials.

Imagine the added value both real and perceived your practice will have for your patients by treating your patients both physically and mentally while achieving a new revenue stream that will see on average $30/Patient for Commercial Insurance and $8/Patient Medicare.  Utilising a PHQ9, physicians can deem medical necessity to call patients back for testing with an additional office visit. Patients who trigger a mental health issue or are borderline can be re-tested quarterly to track progress and improvement of their state.

The platform used for Mental Health testing on the IPad, also supports the Annual Wellness Visit and Neuro Cognitive testing.

Our expert consultants at Ancillary Medical Solutions can help you to implement this value-added solution to your practice.  For more information on this and other Ancillary Medical Solutions, contact us and we will have one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants contact you.