In a previous post, we discussed the opportunity Ancillary Medical Solutions presents by partnering with us to offer toxicology testing, in-clinic as well as confirmation testing.  Now we are going to touch on competitor’s practices and legal restrictions and how it all relates to keeping revenue in your clinic.  We are going to step back a little from how this service improves patient care and, instead, focus on how it helps the financial health of your clinic.

Many of you are familiar with anti-kickback regulations and Stark laws.  In regards to toxicology testing, they specifically apply to reimbursement involved with toxicology confirmation testing.  What it boils down to is this: legally, our competitors cannot offer you reimbursement in any form for using their toxicology confirmation testing services.  This means, they cannot offer you free supplies for you to collect samples and they cannot offer you financial incentives to utilize their services.  The only benefit our competitors can legally offer you is free confirmation testing and results.  In order to receive a financial return on toxicology confirmation testing, you either have to own your own confirmation lab or instrumentation within your own clinic.

Mass Spec analysis graph tox 3

Some of you have previously instituted your own labs, whether they be in-house or set up as a stand-alone business.  Therefore you know the amount of overhead, the upfront costs, and how the constantly changing health care laws and reimbursement schedules can turn something that is financially viable on year, into financial ruin the next year.  This is where AMS comes in.  Through our ancillary solution, we take the burden out of your hands while offering you a partnership in our confirmation testing lab.  We utilize our experience in this arena and apply our knowledge so that we can offer you the advantages of toxicology confirmation testing as well as the financial returns from partnering with us in a confirmation lab.  Your up-front costs are minimal compared to what it takes to purchase your own confirmation testing equipment.  You do not have to invest in a trained labor force, validation period, or in keeping with the rules and regulations involved with running a lab.

All we ask is that you come to us with the same goals that we have: to form a long-lasting relationship that provides a higher level of care for your patients while also providing a financial return on that partnership.  Leave the rest to us, we will implement this ancillary service from the ground-up and we will nurture this relationship, whether than means adapting to your specific needs or working with you to make sure our partnership grows and is beneficial to all involved.

For more information on this and other Ancillary Medical Solutions, contact us and we will have one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants contact you.