AWV image 2The Prevention Plus Program is a comprehensive and profitable way to introduce the Annual Wellness Visit to your office. Ancillary Services are becoming the life blood to increasing practice revenue, affording physicians profit increases that have been missing in the past three years.

Prevention Plus is a program put together by Total Recall adding other important testing to the Annual Wellness Visit solution. Other testing includes Neuro Cognitive testing where the patient is at risk as well as Pharmacogenetics and Cancer screening. Offered together, the testing provides a comprehensive risk assessment for a number of potentially serious health conditions.

The benefit to the practice is that the Annual Wellness Visit can be the central focus to providing comprehensive care for the patient. The visit addresses recommended preventive screening based on personal health as well as family history.

Revenues from the Annual Wellness Visit provide an avenue for a number of reimbursements across a number of codes, not just the Annual Wellness Visit. By including Neuro Cognitive Testing, an additional $150 can be billed as well as a follow up visit to discuss results. Genetic screening also requires a further follow up visit as well as the additional screening services that will be recommended by Medical Necessity as a result of the Annual Wellness Visit. Typically this is on average another $100 to $150 per patient.
Falls is another highlighted risk of the Annual Wellness Visit. One in three seniors fall each year with a large percentage of them being preventable. Physicians can offer in office testing with Vestibular Autorotation Testing (VAT) with the purchase of the VAT device. Typically reimbursements on this solution are around $250 and patients can be retested after simple exercises are offered as treatment. Ancillary Medical Solutions has this device available also.
The Prevention Plus program allows the office to have a technician provided to run all aspects of prevention testing. Typically a first visit is scheduled for 75 minutes allowing time for the Health Risk Assessment to be performed, as well as genetic testing and the Neuro Cognitive test.
As high as 76% of dementia and pre dementia currently goes undiagnosed. Early recognition and testing gives patients a baseline to determine the speed of progression of their disease state. This also enables care givers an understanding of knowing what to expect.
The Pharmacogenetic screening is a once in a lifetime test which will help physicians avoid adverse drug reactions. Currently 125 000 people die each year from adverse drug reactions. Through proper screening, physicians can improve patient outcomes by more informed prescribing.
The Cancer screening offered identifies those at risk for breast, colorectal, ovarian, skin, prostate, endometrial, stomach and pancreatic cancers. Medicare subsidises the test for those in the ‘at risk’ category from family genetics or prior history.
The total Prevention Plus package is worth in excess of $30 000 per month in additional monthly profits based on seeing 80 patients per month through the program.