allergyAllergy is the 5th leading chronic disease in the United States among all ages with over 70 million sufferers nationwide. It is also the 3rd leading chronic condition in children aged 18 and under. Allergies can present as a range of non specific symptoms and impact significantly on quality of life for patients.
Immunotherapy has long been offered in the physicians’ offices with limited success due to the high dropout rate with patient inconvenience being the highest factor contributing to this. Inversely so, home based immunotherapy has a much higher success rate due to increased patient convenience. Typically patients will experience an improvement in symptoms within 3 to 4 months, with most patients becoming symptom free over 16 to 18 months. Approximately 85% of patients will complete their home based therapy as opposed to a drop out rate of 86% for office based treatment.
Allergy Partners works with Ancillary Medical Solutions to provide state of the art home based immunotherapy to your office. Testing covers 50 to 100 different types of allergens. Immunotherapy provides a reliable and effective means of desensitising patients giving them significant relief. Patients report and improved quality of life due to absence of symptoms and diminishing the need for reliance on oral medications.
In the realm of declining reimbursements, allergy therapy can significantly bolster the profitability of your practice. With profits generated, typically in excess of $20 000 plus per month, doctors can finally see the pay rise they deserve. Currently these patients are spending money in pharmacies on antihistamines that simply mask symptoms and often do not provide the full relief a patient needs.
The solution is ideally suited to family and internal medicine practices with a high volume of private patients. An allergy technician is provided to the office with all the equipment and supplies needed for testing and treatment. The office simply helps identify suitable patients utilizing a patient questionnaire or by patient symptom complaint. The solution is truly turnkey.
All training for every layer of office staffing is provided, with comprehensive feedback to physicians related to testing, treatment, compliance and billing. This program will enable physicians to retain patients in office that have previously been referred out to specialists or to pharmacies for help. Immunotherapy is truly an allergy treatment rather than masking symptoms. Most patients will have their allergy suffering eliminated permanently leading to a new lease on life for many severe sufferers.
With the obvious financial benefits to the practice exceeding $200 000 per year in profits and better patient outcomes, allergy immunotherapy is not to be sneezed at.
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