We work with Zizion LLC., an international distributor that focusses on regenerative therapies and Platelet Rich Plasma in particular. We are actively recruiting high quality Physicians, such as your-self, as partners who wish to provide this therapy for their patients. PRP has gained national exposure through the treatment of people such as Hines Ward, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods and Duane Wade from the professional sports arena, along with Kim Kardashian and numerous other personalities from the entertainment industry.

In a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with medications and pharmaceutical treatments, it can be challenging to find solutions that offer what patients really want; effective results with virtually no side effects. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy delivers. By using the growth factors and other elements in the platelets of your patient’s blood, a natural healing response is triggered from their own body. In an increasing number of studies, PRP therapy is shown to be a powerful, effective, and lasting solution for a wide variety of issues – from tennis elbow and frozen shoulder to plantar fasciitis and wound healing. Today, PRP Therapy is common in numerous specialties and as innovative new combination treatment modalities are developed, PRP is sure to play a vital role in bringing its’ desired benefits to your patients.


Since the treatment is autologous, there are little, if any, contraindications for this treatment. The process is simple with kits and a centrifuge from our vendor, Zizion – just draw a 16.5 ml. blood sample, spin it down in the low speed centrifuge, extract the platelet rich plasma and inject it into the troubled joints or problem areas. Within a matter of a few days to weeks, patients report the reduction and often cessation of pain and discomfort, and unlike steroid treatments, this relief lasts for up to 18 months. Studies, along with anecdotal evidence, also show that the healing process is actually sped up and recovery time is reduced dramatically when PRP is utilized. PRP has a very low barrier of entry with virtually no downside to doing the treatment. The worst that can happen is minimal improvement for your patient. It is virtually impossible to have an allergic reaction or rejection to the treatment and the outcome is regenerative in nature. All that is required is your skills as a good injector and a desire to treat patients with an autologous solution that genuinely works.  The business side of the opportunity is significant and the average return on investment is 5-10 fold. Imagine a product that has no downside, works amazingly well, requires a medical professional and therefore limits competition, is cost effective for your patients, and very profitable for you.

Ancillary Medical Solutions is proud to offer an easy to start, turn-key PRP therapy solution. This protocol is becoming increasingly popular, and thanks to the simple process pioneered by Zizion, there has never been a better time to get started. With that said how soon would you like to get started with this phenomenal therapeutic tool?