Day in and day out, your practice provides invaluable services to your patients. They’ve come to trust and depend on you to help them stay healthy or return to feeling well. To further benefit your patients, there are many ancillary services that could be provided by your practice. You may have even had this thought in the back of your mind, yet never explored it further. You can offer so much more to your patients, enabling them to receive things like specialized treatments when it’s most convenient or having additional contact with your practice without taking time slots on the schedule. And, a practice like yours may be able to increase revenue while prescribing the same services for your patients as you currently prescribe.


Take a few minutes to consider how ancillary services can be a benefit to both your patients and your practice.


Durable Medical Equipment

Instead of referring your patients out to medical equipment suppliers, your practice can actually become the supplier. This is a turnkey program that provides your patients with all the needed DME they’ll need without having them deal with a third party. This program offers DME for specialists in many areas, including:

  • Bracing
  • Chiropractic
  • Neurosurgical
  • Orthopedic
  • Pain Management
  • Podiatric
  • Rehabilitation

Your practice will get this service operational very quickly and you’ll also receive one full year of consulting services at no extra charge. You’ll be able to tap into experts on billing and coding, credentialing, group purchasing, and legal compliance. You’ll incur no management fees, no markups – just a fee for billing based on collections. Your practice won’t even need to bother with billing or collections as these are all part of the program. Simply, your office or lockbox will receive all monies collected.


Medication Dispensing

As an added convenience for your patients, your on-site pre-packaged medication dispensing program can begin generating an additional source of revenue while saving your patients a trip to their pharmacy when they may least feel up to it. This program can be immediately profitable and initiated with no upfront investment, no long-term contracts, and with existing personnel. There’s zero financial risk involved. This positive cash flow service is easy and fast to set up.


Medical Weight Loss

You know all too well the number of patients who need help with weight management. This program can be added to your existing practice or it could be the focus of a totally free-standing weight loss and wellness clinic. Your business model, training, and support are provided for one low fee.


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Providing treatment to patients suffering from hormonal balances and/or dysfunctions, this program includes consulting, training, and software services. Utilizing BHRT, you will be able to provide replacement hormonal therapy that is individualistic and achieves the desired results using only the minimum required dosage.


Patient Text Reminder Service

This isn’t just a reminder service for upcoming appointments. This Patient Text Reminder Service consists of two-way mobile messaging programs that help you increase the frequency of keeping in touch with patients, and it provides patients and caregivers with updated and current information that encourages patient compliance.


Other ancillary services are available based on the specific needs of your patients and your practice. Take a closer look at your patient population and you’ll quickly see there are ancillary service solutions to address most of your patients’ needs. And, you’ll know you’re doing the right thing by making these needed services easily available to your patients. Patient access to these services, while providing enhancements to your revenue sources in a budget-friendly manner, is a win-win solution.